What is MyPromoAd?
MyPromoAd is an advertising system through which members can exchange advertisements 1 to 1.
This means: view 100 advertisements, in return you get 100 visitors to your advertised website or project. This means that your advertising is free. If you book a bonus programme, you will get a 2x3 place in the system and can receive donations.
Can I also buy advertising?
Yes, you can order banner advertising as well as visitors to your website at a low price.
What does the bonus programme include?
As a member of the bonus program you will have a number of advantages:
1. A place in the 2x3 system.
2. Immediate payment for each completed system.
3. Participation in the Refralli.
What is a Refralli?
The Refralli is held every week. Whoever wins the most partners will get high quality prizes.
How can I open an account?
To do this, click on the registration button on the right side of the page, and follow the instructions. You will be registered for free in less than 2 minutes.
Can I have more than one account?
No, one account is enough to advertise and earn money through the bonus program.
How can I recruit new people?
Your account has an area for referral links and banners, which you can use to recruit new affiliates for MyPromoAd.
How do I pay for the rewards programme?
We offer all common payment systems. BTC, ETH, TRX, USDT, Rippel and others are offered for payment via deposit, coin payment.
How can I deposit money?
Via Dashboard and there click on DEPOSIT, enter an amount in the window, 10, 20 or 100, and click on continue. Via Coinpament you can choose from different crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin. At the bottom of the page, continue and the payment address and the amount will be displayed. Now you transfer the amount with your payment system and about 15 minutes later you will see the balance under Dashboard.
I have credit in the advertising account, what do I do with it?
You can book the premium package on the left in the menu via rates. You can use more money for banner advertising and traffic exchange.
How many credits can I collect daily?
Via TrafficTausch you can find all advertisements that have been placed by partners and are active. A free member receives 1 credit, a premium member receives 3 credits. Every day there are more credits to collect.
How can I set banner ads?
In the menu directly under Dashboard click on Banner and there on Set banner. Enter your page and the banner link, or upload the banner image from your PC.
How can I set TrafficTausch?
Click on TrafficTausch and then My Campaigns, Add Campaigns, enter title and page and a text of up to 60 characters.
I'm not receiving a confirmation code
Some mail providers are not supported by our system. The safest way is to use a G-Mail. In the login area you can change your email once.